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Dawn Marie at Creative Minds Ldn is a top-notch Mental Wellness Consultant who helps individuals and businesses achieve their goals. With her expertise in life and business coaching, she can guide you towards a happier and more fulfilling life.



5-Day Challenge to Improve Your Mental Well-being

$25.00 USD

6-Step Lesson Plan

The importance of mental health can’t be overstated, given that it impacts every part of our lives. Even so, we often let caring for our mental health take a back seat to other priorities. We ignore our needs until we’re burned out, isolated, or struggling with illness.

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Team at work

Setting Goals That Actually Work

$19.00 USD

Explore the science and research behind individual success and learn practical ways of reaching your work and life goals. One-time payment of $19.

What You Will Learn

Anyone can set an ambitious goal, but how many of us end up achieving it? All too often, when we embark on a seemingly smooth course, it turns out to be treacherous and unclimbable.

The Basic of Managing Stress

$22.00 USD

What Is Stress?

Your calendar is jam-packed, your car won’t start, and your kid’s school just called about a behavioral issue. It’s undeniable—life is full of stressful situations. With so many demands on our time, it can feel like we’re drowning in stress. But managing our stress is key to staying healthy, happy, and productive. And that begins with a clear understanding of what stress is.

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Employee Health & Wellness

$27.00 USD

We’re committed to creating a work environment that promotes employee health and wellness. This course is the first step in raising awareness about the rollout of our new workplace health program, which includes promoting activities or policies that encourage and support healthy behaviors in the workplace.

Fiverr Cash Monster

$45.00 USD

Discover How You Can Generate An Income from Fiverr with this comprehensive Cash Course. Whether you're a freelancer looking to boost your earnings or a newbie wanting to enter the world of online income, this course is designed to guide you step-by-step through the process of making money on Fiverr. With proven strategies, insider tips, and real-life case studies, you'll learn how to leverage your skills and sell services on the popular freelance platform. This Cash Course is packed with valuable insights and actionable steps, all presented in an easy-to-follow format. 

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The Ultimate Social Media Sales Content Jombo Pack

$17.00 USD

715+ pieces of social media content to help you make money online:

100 Call-To-Action Ideas To Get People to Buy

✅ 170 Instagram Story Ideas

✅ 200 Freebie Ideas To Get Email Addresses

✅ 50 Instagram Story Polls You Can Use To Get Clients

✅ 50 FB Group Questions To Ask To Get More Leads

✅ 50 LinkedIn Posts Prompts

✅ 20 Done-For-You Short Emails To Get More Sales

✅  365 Blog Post Titles

✅ 75 Engagement Questions To Ask In Your FB Group

No videos to watch and no complicated tutorials. Just instant access to the content you need.

Unlock Your Dropshipping Success

$7.00 USD

Are you ready to take your dropshipping business to new heights? Are you tired of scouring the internet for reliable suppliers and struggling to find the perfect products to sell? Look no further – our exclusive course is here to revolutionize your dropshipping game.

Introducing "Unlock Your Dropshipping Success: Top Supplier Links Unveiled". This comprehensive and insightful course is designed to equip you with the essential knowledge and resources to skyrocket your business growth. Say goodbye to endless searching and say hello to consistent profits.

Online Shoes Shopping
Online Shoes Shopping

365 Days of Social Media Content for Boutique Owners

$28.00 USD

Why choose "365 Days of Social Media Content" by Creative Minds Ldn?

Save Time and Effort: Focus on growing your boutique while we handle your social media content creation. Spend more time on what you love!

Boost Your Brand: Stand out from the competition with our professionally designed graphics and attention-grabbing captions that resonate with your target audience.

Increase Engagement: Watch your followers grow and interact as we provide you with content that sparks conversations, and drives likes, comments, and shares.

Stay Consistent: Maintain a strong online presence effortlessly with a year's worth of pre-planned content, ensuring regular updates even during busy times.

Unbeatable Value: Take advantage of our special offer and save over 85% off the regular price. It's an investment that pays for itself!

- Please note: Due to the digital nature of these products, we do not offer refunds. -

Alexa Young, CA

- "I can't thank Creative Minds Ldn enough for the amazing courses they offer. Since taking their courses, my business has grown exponentially and I have gained so much knowledge and skills that I never thought were possible."

Morgan James, NY

- " Minds Ldn has truly changed my life and my business. Their courses are top-notch and have helped me to take my business to the next level. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to grow their business."

Lisa Driver, MI

-I am so grateful for Creative Minds Ldn and the impact they have had on my business Their courses are informative, engaging, and have helped me to achieve success beyond my wildest dreams."


316 Hilton Ave

London, On, CA

N5W 2R6





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