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Building a Great relationship with your boss

How to build a strong relationship with your boss and giving your career a boost

Having a good relationship with your boss can open many doors in your career. A manager who is familiar with and trusts your work will be more likely to offer you higher-profile projects and look for opportunities to reward your efforts with a promotion or raise.

But what do you do if a boss you have a strong bond with takes another opportunity, or you are assigned to a new department due to a reorganization within your company? build a quality relationship. So if you find yourself in a position where you have to navigate life under new management, try not to worry too much and refer to the following advice:

1. Understand your manager’s priorities: Castrillon writes that it’s paramount you are aware of how your role contributes to your boss achieving their objectives. By aligning your priorities with theirs, you are more likely to build a mutual respect between yourself and your manager. This might require some discomfort at first as you adjust your day-to-day objectives, but it can be worth it in the long run once the relationship is established.

2. Ask intelligent questions: Be curious. By asking thoughtful questions, you will begin to understand your boss’ objectives and personality better. Consider asking what their preferred mode of communication is, what their top priorities are for the quarter, and inquire about how you can be a better support system for them.

3. Practice empathy: Being a manager is difficult—and it can be an isolating experience at times. With that in mind, work on developing your listening skills so that you can provide feedback to your boss and build trust. In many cases, this can lead to a stronger personal relationship between you and your manager, which can have benefits for your professional rapport as well.

Finding yourself in a position with a new manager can be a bit disorienting, but by putting in the work to build a strong relationship with them, you can build a long-lasting bond that will benefit your career over time.


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