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Ebook  Coaching Workbook Guide Book Template

Ebook Coaching Workbook Guide Book Template


This editable Ebook Template with over 200 easy-to-use design templates is perfect for coaches, bloggers, entrepreneurs etc. It will help you create ebooks, workbooks, lead magnets for your business - engage with your audience, demonstrate your expertise, generate leads and sales.

So many beautiful layouts and worksheets allow you to create any ebook you need! Each page is fully customizable in Canva - just drag&drop your photos, type your text, and you're ready to go!

- 100 Ebook templates for Canva (Letter size).
- 100 Workbook & Lead magnet templates for Canva (Letter size).

✅ 20 x Book Covers
✅ 8 x Welcome Pages
✅ 4 x About Author Pages
✅ 6 x Table of Contents
✅ 1 x Dedication Page
✅ 1 x Copyright notice
✅ 6 x Section dividers
✅ 21 x Content pages (perfect for text heavy content, including one and two column layouts, with and without photos)
✅ 7 x Quotes
✅ 50 x Worksheets
✅ 10 x Checklists
✅ 10 x Graphs and Diagrams
✅ 10 x Resource library layouts
✅ 5 x Image Galleries
✅ 20 x Trackers & Planners
...and way more lead magnet templates inside!

NOTE: the content is not prewritten for you, so you are supposed to type your own text in the blocks provided.

Buying premade ebook templates can be a good investment for anyone looking to create a professional and well-designed ebook without spending too much time or money on the design process.

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Ebook Template Editable Canva Coaching Workbook Guide Book Template Lead Magnet Course Creator Ebook Template Minimalist Dark Aesthetics

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